Thoughts On ‘Jason Bourne’

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So when I heard Jason Bourne was coming back, my immediate first thought was, ‘thats freaken’ awesome. My next thought was, “I’ll bet it’ll have some great action scenes in it.” Then days later, as I was doing my taxes, I asked myself…”what could this movie possibly be about? Why is Jason Bourne getting into trouble again?” After driving home from the taxes place, I thought, “I’m sure this will be a great movie, with some really original ideas…because there’s no way this movie would recycle the same old stuff from the first three movies.” Here are some thoughts on Jason Bourne… (SPOILERS)



1. The Plot Was Meh:


Let me just start by saying that the guys over at Screen Junkies really nailed the Bourne Trilogy Honest Trailer, especially when it comes to how similar all three of the original movies were… that said… Seeing as how Bourne already discovered his origins in the original trilogy, this movie needed to come up with another excuse to draw him back into the fight. This came in the form of Bourne’s deceased father, who coincidentally invented the killer assassin program that made Bourne…

I couldn’t help feel that the plot surrounding his father’s death was forced. The flashbacks this time around didn’t feel like a mystery as necessary to solve… it was just a way for Bourne to have a reason to fight ‘the asset’ later in the movie… and the idea that Bourne would feel the need to “come in,” or back to the  agency, as a really lazy way of explaing Bourne’s actions in the movie.

Oh and I didn’t care too much for the overarching big brother/ security conflict thing between Riz Ahmed and Tommy Lee Jones. We saw a similar argument take place in the last Bond movie and I didn’t acre for it then either.



2. Different Movie, Same Bad Guy:

As much as I enjoyed Vincent Cassel’s role, he was still just another spy Bourne had to kill so we’d feel like something got done after two hours…

…and his back story was super super forced. I can believe that Bourne’s actions got him captured but not that he killed his dad too. To make up for it, here’s the way we should all remember ‘the asset’…




3. There Shouldn’t Be Anymore Bourne Movies…But There Will Be:


Paul Greengrass has come really close to saying he plans on making more of these movies… and even if he hadn’t… Jason Bourne’s ending had sequel written all over it… which is a mistake. As it stands, another Bourne movie could only be about two things…neither of which I’d care to see…the first…

A) Bourne takes Lee up on her offer to get the band back together and fights international bad guys. Unfortunately for Bourne Homeland exists…so there’s that.

B) The second possibility is that Bourne turns down Lee and spends two hours running from her…only to end up back in the fighting pits of Meereen.

Bourne swimming away into uncertainty was the ending I was always happy with…I’d like this series to wrap on a similarly vague note.




4. Other Minor Thoughts:

-Yes I understand that Bourne is a tortured soul…who wouldn’t be after surviving those three movies? But I didn’t like that after a decade, we’d find Bourne beating the crap out of people in Greece. Why couldn’t he have been a librarian or an insurance agent, or something?

-Was Alicia Vikander Supposed to have an accent in this role? I kinda got used to how she spoke as the movie went on, but she seriously did some Vader impersonations in this movie.

-No Joan Allen? Weak…

-If this movie was gona go through the same motions, it might as well have thrown in Clive Owen. He should’ve shown up as the assassin from The Bourne Identity, having survived and looking to get even with Bourne…your welcome Paul Greengrass…

-Maybe I should’ve felt sad or shocked when Julia Stiles died but I didn’t. I never found her character great to begin with… This movie missed a chance to do something with Nicky after three movies, because now she’ll go down as the most forgettable logistics analyst ever…



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