Game of Thrones Season 6: Episodes 2&3

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(SPOILERS…as usual) Maybe its just that I’ve been in a good mood, maybe it’s just the way the stars are aligning, or maybe it’s just that I can finally use HBO NOW on my XBOX (you know, instead of hooking my computer up every week) …but this season of Game of Thrones is really doing it for me. I still don’t think the 1st episode was very strong, but episodes 2 and 3 have smoothed things over very (Jon), very (Snow) well…which is probably due to the lack of Dorne. Here are my thoughts on these episode’s…





1. Season 6 Is Getting Straight To The Point…Which Already Makes It Better Than Last Season:


All the major events of these first 3 episodes could easily have been drawn out or delayed for several more episodes. But luckily this season doesn’t give a crap about wasting time. Example… in one scene the Wildlings came to the rescue and sent Alliser Thorne’s men to jail… and in the very next episode Alliser and his conspirators are killed. Classic.

Honestly, shows like The Walking Dead would’ve needlessly resolved a situation like that over the course of a whole damn season. Other awesome things that happened sooner rather than later include…

The quick death of Roose Bolton (Who very fittingly went out the same way Robb Stark did)

The quick deaths of Roose Bolton’s wife and newborn son

The quick death of Balon Greyjoy

Arya getting her eyes back

and also…

The return of Jon Snow, a glorious event that I seriously marked on my calendar (and I’m a total believer in the Lord of Light now).

The unintended consequence of this awesome pace is that it makes the show’s slower parts seem much slower…speaking of which…




2. Khaleesi Is Never Going To Cross The Sea, Like Ever:

Ok I’m sure she will, it’s just not going to happen on the next episode, or the one after that, or the one after that, or actually this season… Instead Dany is stuck playing the real housewives of the Dothraki Horde…a Game of Thrones side show I wanna see even less than the one she’s been on since Season 1. I hope Jorah rescues her soon so she can get back to not actually going anywhere…but in Meereen, with Tyrion…speaking of which…




3. At This Rate Peter Dinklage Isn’t Going To Win An Emmy For This Season Because Tyrion Has Nothing To Do:


There’s no hiding it, until Dany returns to Meereen, Tyrion has nothing to do. So far his season highlights include…

  1. Taking a meaningless stroll with Vary’s… I say meaningless because I honestly can’t remember anything they said…
  2. Taking a long time to unchain two dragons that we all knew wouldn’t eat him
  3. Sitting around, drinking, and asking Missandei and Grey Worm to drink with him (while admittedly delivering some of the season’s best dialogue)

I love Tyrion (he might be my favorite character), which is why I’m hoping he shines as this season unfolds.

4. Bran Can Time Travel, Which Should Piss Me Off, But It’s Too Awesome:

While I’m still holding out hope that some day HBO will release a Game of Thrones prequel series, I don’t mind getting these flash backs right here and now. It was neat to see a young Ned Stark kicking ass and taking names. Whats obviously more intriguing is that Ned totally heard Bran call out to him. If Bran can pass between timelines and change events, (or at the very least whisper weird time traveling words of encouragement) then we’re getting into some LOST territory…which I’m sure this show will handle responsibly.

I don’t think Bran will go into the past and prevent people from dying. And if he doesn’t end up changing anything directly, then the purpose of his visions could be to learn some new bits of information. Maybe he’ll confirm who Jon Snow’s parents really are, or maybe he’ll learn some magical way to beat the White Walkers…or maybe he’ll just stay in the North and deliver meaningless time traveling filler scenes…




5. So Far Jon Snow’s Hair Isn’t That Short, Everyone Needs To Just Calm Down:


Here I thought Jon Snow would be bald or something… Lately people have been stressing out about the end of Jon Snow’s hair (and admittedly it was shorter). But honestly it wasn’t that short, I mean the man still has reasonably long hair. Nothing about his new cut should bother anyone yet.

Ok ok, but I’ll admit, I have heard rumors of the impending man bun and … yeah that I can’t defend…a moment of silence….

What should really worry people is whether Jon Snow is still the same on the inside going forward. He’s done with the Nights Watch (thankfully), so whats next? I predict that he will lead a force, comprised of Wildlings, straight to Winterfell… Thats right, this season will deliver a battle of the bastards between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton (who lets face it is still a bastard in all our eyes, that paper don’t mean squat).




6. Other Thoughts:

-Cersei is annoying, and not even in a threatening way anymore, just annoying. You would think she’d develop a more creative strategy to regain power at this point…you know, instead of just showing up to small council meetings with a big zombie and her one handed brother…For chrissakes she’s the one who once said “when you play the game of thrones you win or you die.” Looks like getting paraded all over town and losing her daughter weren’t enough to spark new ideas.

-Tommen drank the Kool-Aid, which means more bad news for Cersei…Yes I think she’ll have to kill him.

-I hope Arya’s assassin training isn’t an ongoing thing… the same way Dany never getting to Westeros is an ongoing thing…




How are you liking the season so far? Are you wishing for more Dorne? More Hodor?

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