Game Of Thrones Season 6 Premiere… It Was OK…

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As much as I’m glad this show is back, this episode felt a little bit safe to me (especially considering that the big scene of this episode was watching Melisandre turn into Supreme leader Snoke)… There were a lot of scene’s that could’ve been added to the previous season finale and that made seem like very little happened on this episode.

Here are some take ways from the season 6 premiere…


1. Tyrion And Varys In Meereen:


It was hard to pay attention to what Tyrion and Varys were talking about on their little stroll…why?… because I was busy asking myself what they were doing outside the pyramid. Didn’t they just survive the biggest Harpy attack ever? Why would they walk around the city without guards? I get that this show is basically obligated to show these two, but I think they could’ve made a more sensible appearance.



2. Jorah And The One Ring:

The moment Dany dropped that ring, I knew some one would pick it up…but then I thought, no…she can’t be dropping the ring for someone to find…because no one could possibly find it.

…Then Jorah came upon that ridiculous crop circle…(which really shouldn’t have been there, unless the Dothraki rotated around Dany and thereafter floated off the ground, know what I mean?)

Now I love Jorah, and I have no doubt that he’s a certified badass, but there’s no way he should have found that ring…even in that giant circle of untouched grass…


3. The Dorn Stuff:

I think it’s safe to say that the Dorn saga is kind of a fail in the eyes of everyone not named Weiss and Beniof…moving on…



4. Lady Brienne Came Full Circle:

brienne podrick game of thrones

This was one of the best parts of the episode. Brienne finally kept her promise to Catelyn Stark and now all is right with the world. Though, as awesome as this was, I couldn’t help but think that all of this could have happened at the end of season 5. Last we say Brienne, she was swinging her sword at Stannis, and last we saw Sansa and Theon, they were in mid fall. It would’ve felt like a more well rounded season ender to have these two party’s meet.




5. Dany Went Back To Square One:


I’m not saying Daenerys has to cross the sea this season, but does she really have to start from scratch like this? …because now Jorah has to rescue her (thereby regaining her trust), get her back to Meereen, and then she has to figure out how to get new boats. I’m really hoping this detour gets resolved before we’re half way through the season…



6. The Red Woman Is Actually Gollum:


The way the ending scene unfolded, I sorta thought Game of Thrones was using it’s nudity card for the week, but then things got weird. The red woman revealed herself to be a gazillion years old, using what appears to be the worlds most useful necklace to keep it l together. As interesting of a twist as that was, I don’t think it warranted naming the episode after her, and I don’t think it’s the kind of epic surprise that ranks among the show’s best.

I’m not sure what impact this age old secret of her’s will have on the plot, but as long as it brings Jon Snow back then it’s all good.



What did you think of the premiere? Did you miss Bran and Hodor?

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