Game of Thrones Season 6: Episodes 6 & 7

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More thoughts on the happenings of Game of Thrones’ 6th season…




1. The Hound Went To Jessie Pinkman’s Rehab:


I think we all thought the Hound would return at some point, but I didn’t expect this. After being left for dead I thought we might get a super vengeful Hound, one with a more villain like quality to him…instead we got a rehab Hound.

This new and morally conscious Hound not only cuts wood for the good of the rehab center but regularly attends meetings. Clearly the Hound isn’t going to just stop killing people, as made evident by how angrily he pulled out that axe…but the question is…how will the Hounds efforts impact the plot? Here’s my prediction…the Hound will find his way back to Kings Landing and fight (for the High Sparrow) against his own brother in Cersei’s trial by combat…




2. Arya’s Gonna Be Stuck In Bravos Longer Than I Want Her To Be:

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Just when she was about to leave…she gets stabbed in the gut. Usually that sort of thing kills somebody on this show in seconds…but this is Arya we’re talking about. She dealt with the situation by falling off a bridge, swimming away, and walking into uncertainty. Props to her…but I’m still annoyed by the fact that her near death experience means that she won’t be returning to Westeros this season. She has been in Bravos for 2 seasons now and thats too long for me. We don’t need Arya’s adventures to become Game of Thrones’ new spin off show, thats what Daenerys is for…speaking of which…




3. Dany Isn’t Humble Anymore, Which Sucks Because She’s Finally Getting Her Ships:


I’ve rooted for Dany for 6 seasons now… I’ve watched her grow from a timid Targaryen to the Mother of Dragons/ Breaker of Chains/ Jorah Friendzoner…and now for the first time I really wasn’t on board with her efforts.

There came a moment at the end of episode 6 when Dany rallied the Dothraki horde by basically giving her version of General Hux’s Star Killer Base speech. Something about it felt different. I didn’t exactly have that same urge to root for her. Just look at Daario’s face during that scene, it says it all…



4. Other Random Thoughts:

-That kid from House Mormont should be given an Oscar and be made president of the world.

-Benjen Stark finally came back, which is awesome, but doesn’t make up for the loss of Hodor

-The Black Fish is back, which was awesome because we got to hear him say that,”the war isn’t over.”

-The high sparrow is still the smartest guy in all of Westeros…

-What happened to Dorn?

-Tyrion has nothing to do this season…





What do you think of the season so far?

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