Fear The Walking Dead: S2E1…ZZZZZZZ

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I really didn’t hate the first season of this show. It had some really unique episode’s that explored the zombie apocalypse from angles I wanted to see…

…and while season 1 had more than a couple missteps, it definitely came away with potential in hand…Unfortunately the season 2 premiere didn’t give a crap about living up to that potential because…


1. The Characters Did Stupid Things And, After Watching 6 Seasons Of The Regular Walking Dead, That’s Really Annoying:


Sometimes things are just better in list form…

-Why would Travis just stand there and watch his son mourn Liza when zombies are attacking? would’ve made more sense to pick Chris up (instead of Liza) and throw him into the boat…

-Why would Madison be upset at Travis for not helping that boat load of people ? (I honestly don’t mind the show brining up the moral dilemma of helping them, but that was way too many people…so many that saving and sustaining them on the Abigail, would’ve been impossible. Had the boat contained say, 7 people, now that would’ve made for a more interesting debate)

-Why was Daniel still aiming his shotgun at that boat when they were very super clearly out of range?

-Why would Travis just tell Alicia to go on the radio, an important task that I wouldn’t trust her with, and never check on her again?

-Why would Chris jump in the water like that?

-Why would Nick Jump in after him?

-Why would Nick start recreationally swimming in the open ocean during the zombie apocalypse?

-Why would Nick, upon suddenly possibly hearing voices, swim under an over turned boat during the zombie apocalypse?

-Why is Strand putting up with these people?

It gets hard to ignore these things after a while. I’m not saying these characters need to be geniuses, but a bit more competence would be nice…




2. This show Is Trying To Make Me Dislike Strand, But It’s Not Working:


Strand (and Daniel honestly) is the best/ most interesting character on this show. I like the mystery surrounding him and the competence he displays with every scene he’s in…

…which is why the moment Madison hinted at overthrowing Strand, I knew this show had made a mistake. That mistake is that I don’t give a crap about the other characters on this show. I care so little about them that the idea of going against Strand seems laughable…

Whatever Strand’s pre-apocalypse reasons are for dressing like James Bond and having an escape boat…they are not nearly as important as surviving the zombies. The man has been nothing but help all this time…If he had wanted to harm the group, he would have. It’s gonna take more suspicion than that to make me want him out.




3. Premiere Was Boring…And You Know It’s True:


I’m not saying this episode needed to pile on the zombies like the premiere of the regular Walking Dead, or kill off characters for no good reason like the regular Walking Dead…but it would’ve been nice to have something more than this. After that silly zombie beach attack, the characters did little on the boat except argue and mourn for Liza (which now that I think about it, that intro beach scene probably should’ve been the last scene of season one). I mean, there were even some shots where the Abigail wasn’t even moving for chrissakes…



What did you think of this episode? Not sure I’ll stay with it yet…will you?


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