Fear The Walking Dead…Nick AKA Survivor Man

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Well, it’s that time again…here are 7 random thoughts on the very Nick-centric mid season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead

1. I’m Gonna Be Totally Honest, I Couldn’t Understand Half Of What Nick And That Woman Were Talking About In The Beginning Of The Episode…It Was Like True Detective Season 2 All Over Again:

Something about that kids dad, and something about hmm, yeah thats all I got. The Tijuana highway sign filled in the blanks, but I guess it didn’t really matter since this episode was more about self discovery…aka the zombie version of Into The Wild.




2. Nick’s Shirt Was Ridiculously Bloody:


I get that he needs to mask himself from the zombies but c’mon. I’d be carrying a spare shirt for times when I don’t wana smell like death…might make a person throw up, and you thought that cactus was bad…





3. Jesus Nick, Your Bag Was Like Inches Away, Haven’t you ever played Tag Before?

Yeah, maybe Id be running too…

So this random bat wielding woman shows up and basically chases Nick out of some house he’s sleeping in. It’s during this encounter that Nick, a young, able bodied, zombie apocalypse surviving, person… is unable to leave the house with his bag. Oh and of course this bag contains his water and most likely a shampoo/ conditioner. This felt like a real cheap way to set Nick up for the struggle he would encounter in the outdoors.



4. So Nick Gets Chased By Gun Wielding Bandits, Then Decides To Catch His Breath In An Open Field? Oh And Then He Decide’s To Casually Walk Into Said Field?:


I get that Nick is a zombie/ death loving new ager, but he ran from those guy’s because he didn’t want to die…so have him hide next time. Remember what happened to Clive Owen in the Bourne Identity? That could’ve been Nick…





5. Were Those The Dire Wolves From Game Of Thrones Attacking Nick? Was That Ghost?:

It was, I know it…





6. Is That Bandit Really Going To Stand There and Pick Up Those Bullets?!? Well Yes, Yes He Is:


Yet even if we let this go and concede that maybe those bullets were really important to him, or that he really misjudged how far the horde was, nothing can forgive his AK wielding buddy…who also stood there like an idiot, firing at zombies only to get eaten anyways. The idea to have Nick get his vengeance on the bandits by way of horde was a clever one, but the execution, not so much…





7. Final Random Thoughts:

This episode was kinda middle of the road for me. I can appreciate that it tried to do something different by focusing solely on Nick’s inner journey. In fact I don’t think an episode like this would’ve worked with any other character, but something about the episode (or the show for that matter) seemed lacking. I think Nick’s somewhat aimless meandering quest said more about the aimless meandering state of the show’s plot than it did about his character. What did you think?




Here’s a look at next weeks episode…

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